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Underwear "Russian Winter"

Brand: Splav
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Thermal underwear can be not only light and functional, it can also be very cozy. This warm, thin, surprisingly pleasant underwear warms gently and naturally.

It is irreplaceable in winter frosts and in the dank dampness of the off-season, and in the summer you should not put your underpants in the back drawer.

The combination of a silky surface and insulating properties creates an optimal microclimate for a person, allowing the body to breathe and removing excess moisture from it.

All these qualities of the fabric are achieved by using in the manufacture of multifilament polyester (filomency — the number of micro fibers in the thread) and lycra.

Elastic underpants tightly fit the body, which further enhances the effect of the moisture-wicking and thermal properties of the fabric. They do not restrict movements and do not stretch out with prolonged use. Flat seams of thermal underwear do not rub and do not irritate the skin.

Wear it for your health and do not treat winter lightly.

Warm and thin underwear

The fabric stretches well both longitudinally and transversely

Purpose-universal underwear


  • 90% polyester
  • 10% lycra
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