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Case Track 246

Brand: Track
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Shock-resistant cases are ideal for transporting and storing equipment that requires a high level of protection.

  • The case is made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Reliable protection against moisture, dust and mechanical influences
  • Positive buoyancy
  • Pressure equalization valve
  • A protective bed made of dissected poroplast allows you to form "nests" for the size of the contents

The "Track 246" case is a packing box without handles, but it fits comfortably and compactly into any trunk or is attached to it., Going on an extreme trip, a motorcycle rally or a scientific expedition, you can entrust him with the most valuable!

Unlike its counterparts, the case has an original flat lock-latch.

The seal located in the grooves ensures complete tightness.

Thanks to this, the case reliably protects its contents from water, dust, dirt and aggressive liquids.

The positive buoyancy of the case will help a lot during crossings, during rescue operations and in emergency situations.,

The pressure equalization valve will not allow the lid to jam with a sharp height difference, in the case when the pressure inside is lower than outside. In the opposite case, by relieving the pressure inside, it is possible to prevent swelling, deformation and excessive internal stress.

Made of impact-resistant plastic, the case can withstand high shock and static loads, protecting the contents from mechanical damage.

Additional strength and protection from deformation are provided by the stiffening ribs of the case.,

The inner volume of the box is filled with dissected poroplast (foamed adaptive filler), thanks to which it is possible to form a separate "nest" according to the shape of each packaged object.

Such a bed allows you to carefully and reliably fix the most fragile optical devices.

  • Weight:450 g
  • Size:246x175x77 mm
  • Internal size:235x145x62 mm
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