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SMERCH-P Unloading System

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Characteristics of the combat unloading system of the SMERCH-P machine gunner :
  • designed to perform combat missions in aggressive environments;
  • ergonomic arrangement of structural elements;
  • size adjustment from 46 to 60;
  • the shoulder straps and belt are integrated with soft inserts that protect against chafing;
  • there are straps on the shoulders for attaching additional equipment according to the M. O. L. L. E. system.;
  • the pockets have holes for draining water;
  • unhindered carrying of satchels, dry bags, backpacks;
  • all elements are removable;
  • the possibility of adding other elements and replacing them;
  • 3 cartridge (cracker) bags with a volume of about 8 liters., have additional pockets on the side, a secret pocket in the flap;
  • hard belt;
  • suspender (belt-shoulder system);
  • tactical belt.
It is delivered to the power structures of the Russian Federation. Possible colors
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