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Combat Unloading Vest SKALA

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Designed for carrying ammunition to personal weapons. and it allows you to remove and apply the necessary ammunition in the shortest possible time,as well as a combat vest protects the contents from the negative impact of the external environment. It is easy to take off/put on. it evenly distributes the weight throughout the body, thereby increasing the maneuverability and combat capability of the personnel. Technical characteristics of the SKALA combat unloading vest :
  • designed to perform combat missions in aggressive environments;
  • ergonomic arrangement of structural elements;
  • size adjustment from 46 to 60;
  • adjustable shoulders;
  • soft inserts are integrated into the shoulders, protecting them from chafing;
  • the pockets have holes for draining water;
  • fastexes and frontal power"lightning";
  • unhindered carrying of satchels, dry bags, backpacks;
  • on the back pocket there are straps for attaching an according to the M. O. L. L. E. system";
  • 8 AK stores;
  • 2 pockets for RGN, RGO;
  • 2 pockets for the "first aid kit",, for small change, etc.;
  • 2 pockets for flares;
  • 1 large pocket for additional equipment on the back;
  • weight 805 gr.
  • Attention, the key differences of this product from the Vietnamese-Chinese production are reinforced special threads, Belarus fabric, processing of nodes on special machines, ergonomic patterns according to GOST.
It is delivered to the power structures of the Russian Federation. Possible colors
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