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L-130 Case With Optics

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Case L-130 for weapons equipped with optical sighting devices, with devices for easy carrying (in the hand, on the shoulder), leather pads.


– all types of transportation of weapons with optical sights in assembled, "working" condition;

- protection of weapons from adverse external influences of any nature (humidity, temperature changes, the possibility of contamination, shocks, shocks and concussions);

- the efficiency of removing and sheathing weapons in all weather and seasonal conditions.

The L-130 case with optics has a synthetic textile coating of high strength (1600 den), reinforced with special leather overlays in places that suggest a high risk of mechanical damage. The design feature of the case is a special "niche" that allows you to place weapons with sighting optics in a fully assembled form. The inner surface is a foam lining, protected by a special coating and having a relief, "corrugated" texture. The elasticity of the material reliably protects the weapon from shocks, shocks and sudden temperature changes, which are so disastrous for high-precision optics. The case perfectly retains its shape both with and without a weapon inside. The tightness of the case is provided, in addition to the density and water-repellent properties of the fabric, reinforced with a "zipper" that does not pass moisture and dust, and is able to withstand extreme loads. On the back side and the receiver end of the case, there are devices for suspension: leather loops, metal half-rings.

The color of the cases at the request of the customer is brown or olive.

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