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Cape For A Backpack Made Of "Siliconka"

Brand: Splav
Product Code: 5015496
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Ultralight waterproof case for backpacks up to 120/95/65/35 L

  • Fabric — "siliconka", a very light nylon siliconized material
  • Sewn from a single part, seams only along the perimeter
  • The perimeter is tightened by an elastic cord, adjustable with a lock
  • There are three carabiner hooks on the cord, which can be fastened to each other or to the elements of the backpack on the back
  • The set includes a simple case in the form of a bag, which is pulled by a cord on the retainer, the ends of the cord form a carrying handle., Inside the case there is a small loop of braid for attaching to the equipment
  • Applicable for backpacks used without a harness, we recommend trying on
  • before buyingMain fabric:Nylon 30D*30D Ripstop Si/Si 2000 mm
  • Material density: 45 g/m2
  • Threads:100% nylon
  • Plastic accessories:Duraflex®
  • 95 (120) L (compatible with backpacks from 90 to 110 l):
    Size in the case (?xB):8x18 cm
    Cape Weight:108 g
    Case weight:,11 g
  • 65 (95) l (compatible with backpacks from 60 to 70 l):
    Size in the case (?xB):8x17 cm
    Cape Weight:91 g
    Case weight:11 g
  • 35 (65) l (compatible with backpacks from 30 to 40 l):
    Size in the case (?xB):8x12 cm
    Cape Weight:68 g
    Case weight:8 g
  • 20 (35) l (compatible with backpacks from 15 to 25 l):
    Size in the case (?xB):6x9 cm
    Cape Weight:45 g
    Case weight:,5 g
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