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Bandolier For 55 Rounds Of 12 Kbr. (Embroidery Deer)

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An open-type bandolier to accommodate 55 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition. It is designed for placement, storage, carrying and quick access to significant amounts of ammunition of the shooter or hunter. It is structurally executed in the form of a closed loop with a corner made of synthetic fabric – for simple, prompt and maximally convenient access to the entire volume of ammunition by "throwing" the bandolier, which fundamentally and functionally distinguishes this bandolier from analogues made in the form of a closed oval tape.

The bandolier is made of modern synthetic materials in a light color scheme and organically decorated with contrasting embroidery in traditional hunting motifs (the silhouette of a deer), which is complemented by an embroidered company logo. This is an excellent choice for hunters of a new formation who prefer the comfort and convenience of hunting.

Bandolier length - 142cm

The main features of the product functionality:

- simplicity and self-sufficiency;

- minimalistic and reliable;

- maximum ease of use;

- adaptability and variability of application: the ability to wear even over voluminous clothing, an excellent combination with other elements of hunting equipment;

- strength and wear resistance;


- made of high-quality materials (synthetic fabric of 1000D density, 100% Nylon, high-quality elastic tape, moisture-proof threads of increased strength);

- rubberized cartridge slots made of elastic tape for a strong and reliable hold of ammunition;

- design in the form of a closed loop with a "corner" for maximum simple, fast and convenient target use-charging weapons from ammunition placed in bandolier sockets;

- the possibility of using as a product for storing a spare BC, the main volume of the BC;

- decoration with contrasting deer embroidery in the" corner " of the product.

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