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Backpack "Titan 125 M"

Brand: Splav
Product Code: 5029596
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A powerful expedition backpack with the right geometry, for long hikes and heavy loads

  • Adjustable suspension system with excellent ventilation
  • Profiled duralumin armor. Due to the special profile of the lat, the backpack acquires increased rigidity with less weight
  • Closed power frame
  • The patented system of internal ties allows you to effectively adjust the internal volume of the backpack., Thanks to the internal ties located on two levels, the backpack retains the correct "flat" shape with the center of gravity shifted to the back as much as possible. The design is protected by patent No. 63654
  • In the upper part of the back there is a volume detail concave inside the backpack with a soft insert and a rigid fixing element, which provides more free space for the head
  • Unique valve with three independent volumetric compartments
  • The dorsal braces of the valve are located "upside down".,opening the front fastexes) valve, it can be used as a mini-backpack by inserting free braces into the opposite part of the fastexes
  • Double tightening of the belt will allow you to fix the backpack on your hips as effectively as possible
  • Comfortable bulky pockets on the belt
  • MOLLE cells on the belt and straps of the backpack will allow you to place a walkie-talkie, GPS or other equipment, as well as additional pouches in the most convenient places for quick access
  • Cargo attachment system on the flap and the front surface of the backpack
  • Fasteners for rock and ice equipment
  • Volume:,125 l
  • Weight2.8 kg
  • Main compartment (WxHxT):47x87x24 cm
  • Upper Valve Pocket (WxHxT):47x27x24 cm
  • Main fabric:Polyester 600D
  • Plastic accessories:YKK
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