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Backpack "Hydropack"

Brand: Splav
Product Code: 5026540
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A convenient backpack for a drinking system with the possibility of both autonomous use, and complete with unloading systems and vests

  • MOLLE slings on the front surface for attaching pouches (four cells in width and five horizontal rows of slings in height)
  • The walls of the backpack are sealed with a heat-insulating material to maintain the temperature of the contents of the drinking system
  • The hose of the drinking system is output directly to the shoulder strap (both on the right and on the left)
  • MOLLE slings on the back for attaching the backpack to the unloading vest.Clips are not included in the kit and are purchased separately (4 pcs are required).
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Straps with a quick release system (on fastex), with attachment points for the hydrator tube (Velcro fasteners)
  • Removable chest brace
  • Inside the main compartment there is a suspension for the hydrator on buckles
  • On the back there is a flat pocket in the full height of the backpack with a simple entrance on top with Velcro and a button. It is used for retracting the straps inside when the hydrator is used as a pouch on the back of unloading platforms
  • It is possible to install a drinking system(not included in the kit!)
  • The volume of the drinking system is up to 3 liters
  • Weight with drinking system:0.62 kg
  • Main fabric:Polyester 900D PU
  • Accessories:Duraflex
  • Attention! The drinking system is purchased separately.
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