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Atraumatic Bandage PAG "Apollo-Gem" 6x10

Brand: Splav
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Non-woven atraumatic bandage with aminocaproic acid hemostatic sterile PAG "APPOLO-Hem"

RU no. FSR 2009/05054 of 10.06.2009

Designed to stop capillary bleeding in case of superficial skin injuries

The hemostatic atraumatic bandage "APPOLO" is made of a two-layer non-woven atraumatic cloth impregnated with a 5% solution of aminocaproic acid

It is packed in a laminated paper bag. Sterilized

TU 9393-021-42965160-2009

Size: 6x10 cm

Composition:, Two-layer non-woven atraumatic fabric, 5% aminocaproic acid solution

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