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The Belt Is A Tactical Weapons University. "Debt-M2"

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The m2 DUTY weapon belt is a patented invention of Vladimir Kharlampov, one of the founders of the Tactical Solutions company. The belt is a combination of the advantages of three-point and single-point weapon belt systems, while excluding their disadvantages.

The m2 DUTY gives complete freedom of action, which no other weapon belt gives!

The belt allows the user to transfer the weapon from the transport position to the patrol or combat position and back in one movement, while the belt itself remains stationary on the user's body.,

In the transport position, a tight fit of the weapon to the body is ensured. Hands are free.

In the intermediate, patrol position, the belt removes the load from the hands and allows you to instantly raise the weapon to a strong shoulder for a targeted shot. When used on the left shoulder, it allows you to control the weapon with one hand.

In the combat position, the belt completely releases the weapon, which allows shifting to the "weak" shoulder, shooting up or from a prone position.

A buckle is provided on the belt for an emergency discharge of weapons.

The belt is intuitive to operate.,

The collapsible design of the belt allows you to change the attachment elements to the weapon.

The belt is made of high-quality, carefully selected and tested materials and accessories.

The belt is transformed into a single-point mode for use on small-sized weapons, photo and video cameras, as well as various hand tools.

Designed for:

  • Assault rifles
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