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Hunting Weapon Belt "Duty-M3"

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The DUTY m3 weapon belt is a patented invention of Vladimir Kharlampov, one of the founders of the Tactical Solutions company. This is a new generation belt! All ways of wearing. For all types of weapons. Maximum wearing comfort and constant readiness to shoot.

It gives advantages when hunting under water and hunting from a number

It is worn over the head and arm. The weapon is securely fixed on the body

The fall of the weapon is excluded. Hands are free

To move or overcome obstacles, you tightly press the weapon to the body with a belt

All methods of carrying weapons are available, including biathlon

There is no need to remove the belt from the shoulder and make sharp and sweeping movements

The weapon is released for firing in one movement

When moving the weapon, the belt itself remains stationary on the body

You can wear the belt under the backpack or on top of the unloading system

You can release the belt in advance so that the butt fits comfortably into the shoulder

The weight of the weapon is always on the belt — the hands rest

Transforms into a two-point belt for use on pump-action rifles

Included is a soft expansion cushion for extra comfort

The pillow floats. If you drop your weapon into the water, you have a chance to catch the hook on the floating belt loop

The collapsible design of the belt allows you to change the front and rear attachment to the weapon

The belt is intuitive to operate

The belt is made of high-quality, frost/moisture / wear-resistant materials and accessories

The set includes 70 cm of thin paracord for additional fixation of the belt.

Weight: 340 g

Sling: 100% Polyamide. A high-quality sling, developed according to our technical task, eliminates twisting in the working nodes.

Expansion pad: polyamide fabric with double polyurethane impregnation. Moisture resistance — 1000 mm of water column. The filler is foamed polyethylene foam. Restores any weight in a week. Increased buoyancy.

Textile fastener (Velcro): 10,000 opening/closing cycles. Removable.

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