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Mug Plastic Warehouse. Olive 250 Ml. Track

Brand: Track
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The mug should attract the attention of light walkers-lovers of ultralight equipment and compact backpacks. Even if it seems that it is impossible to cram anything into the backpack, there will always be a place for it. It will be found both in a belt bag and a bicycle backpack and in a backpack for multi-races., Folding (due to the elasticity of the material (thermoplastics — SEBS) from which it is made), when unfolded, the mug has the volume of a full cup (250 ml) and weighs only 25 g

Thermoelastoplast-SEBS does not lose flexibility at temperatures from -40° to 130°C, has excellent resistance to detergents, bacteria and fungi, as well as ultraviolet, atmospheric effects and aging.

  • Weight: 25 g
  • Material: thermoelastoplast — SEBS
  • Volume: 250 ml
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