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Tourist Kettle 1.1 Liters

Brand: Splav
Product Code: 5108730
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Lightweight and practical travel kettle

  • Made of anodized aluminum, which provides fast heating over the entire surface
  • It has high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to clean

Lovers of minimalism can boil water for tea in a saucepan, but if the extra 215 g does not frighten you, take it with you.

The containers made of anodized aluminum retain the usual lightness and speed of heating for aluminum cookware., Anodized aluminum is aluminum with a special coating obtained by an electrolytic method, which protects against oxidation and serves as a protection against mechanical damage. The coating does not break down over time, does not peel off and is easy to clean.

The optimal shape of the kettle leads to a quick result, convenience and safety.

In addition, no one will throw pasta into boiling water at a time when you so want tea.

  • Total weight in the case:,178 g
  • Volume1,1 l
  • 150 mm, h= 73 mm (with lid 76 mm), kettle: 136 g, lid: 33 g
  • Material:Anodized Aluminum
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