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Titanium Mug 450

Brand: Splav
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A mug for a traveler is a kind of artifact that has a special value for him and is filled with a special meaning. It is associated with daytime rest and evening conversations around the campfire, and looking deeper into it, you can see the meaning of life. The main thing is not to get too carried away with his search.

The mug will be a great gift for light walkers and extreme tourists, due to the fact that titanium tableware combines amazing lightness with high strength.

The metal from which it is made is characterized by low density and hardness, is not subject to corrosion and does not change its properties under the influence of high temperature.

A titanium mug will become your faithful companion for many years, it is timeless, and its price will become a kind of insurance against the fact that you forget it in the parking lot or drown it while washing dishes.

  • Material: Titanium
  • Volume: 450 ml
  • Size: 80x95 mm (diameter on the upper rim is 85 mm)
  • Weight: 61 g
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