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Thermo Mug "Blackout" Track

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What is a travel mug? Evening revelations or steaming coffee under the tent flap, when the wake-up call is announced, and it is absolutely impossible to get out of a warm sleeping bag? Everyone has their own healing drink, but one thing remains unchanged — a mug is more than just a container for liquid.

Double walls made of food-grade stainless steel significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of the mug, so that the drink remains hot in it much longer than in ordinary dishes. It keeps the heat without heating up, does not burn and is washed effortlessly.

  • Volume:,350 ml
  • Weight:100 g
  • Size:8x10 cm
  • Volume:450 ml
  • Weight:165 g
  • Size:8. 5x10. 5 cm
  • Material:Stainless steel
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