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Glass Organic 270 Track

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Like a shell that has absorbed the sound of the surf, dishes made of pressed bamboo carry the mystery of the Amazon forests, the charm of Chinese villages and uninhabited islands.

Made of natural bamboo and corn fibers with the use of food dyes, it is not only beautiful and pleasant to use. Due to the fact that bamboo is a natural antiseptic, the dishes have antibacterial properties, do not accumulate odors, do not affect your taste perception., It can be washed in the dishwasher and used at temperatures from -20 to +120°C. However, this is not a thermal vessel, and you do not need to expect from it that it will not heat up at all.

Dishes made of pressed bamboo are somewhat heavier than their plastic counterparts, but this is a pleasant heaviness, and it is noticeable only to those for whom the weight of the equipment is really critical.

Bamboo tableware made of environmentally friendly materials will not harm nature even after the end of its" working life "— it can be safely burned, and in the ground, it decomposes in two months.,

It's nice to know that you can help nature without limiting yourself in anything, and enjoy using beautiful, comfortable and durable dishes.

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